Been feeling better. Unfortunately feeling better doesn’t automatically fix my situation. Still unemployed, still broke. Got motivation. But I Just have only a few options on where to exert that motivation.

I’m not feeling down or depressed but there’s still an odd guilt. Like I’m embarrassed. Not depressed, But the anxiety is still there. Still holding up in my bedroom. It’s a little hard to have all these feelings and emotions in a house that’s always full of people.

I was invited to hang out for beer pong and video games at a friend’s apartment this weekend . Something to look forward to. Of course I’m sure there’ll be binge drinking involved but I haven’t drank since Labor Day so it’s cool. I’ll just make sure not to take my meds that day. 

Wondering if I’ll be hearing from the Drug Buddy tomorrow night. It’s about that time again  but I’m not sure if the invite will be extended due to that unfortunate awkwardness after Labor Day. Either way, I won’t be partaking. I’ve been planning on taking a hiatus from the hard partying for awhile. Try to clean my act up a bit. 


Saturday. August 24, 2019

3:47 am

Almost 4 am and I’m barely getting tired. Sounds about right. That’s been my sleep pattern for about two weeks now. Unfortunately here at my sister’s I won’t have the luxury of sleeping in like I do at home. My niece and nephew will be up by 7 am.  8 if I’m lucky. I did keep my nephew up way past his bedtime so we could watch Avengers: endgame.  

I almost feel like I might as well stay up now. If I sleep I’ll just wake up groggy and crabby. I don’t like being like that in front of the kids. I don’t like being like that in front of anyone but especially not them.

I want to watch the sun come up.

2:38 am

At my sister’s. It was a rough day. Productive. But rough. I thought I was starting therapy but it was another initial. A program where they take into account my history with substances and alcohol. They tried to piss test me but  refused. Fuck that. Unfortunately they’re testing my thyroid in two weeks so they’ll be drawing blood. I’m gonna have them test for everything else while they’re at it. Lots of uncomfortable questions. 

Head’s still pounding. Been up since before 6:30 am. Couldn’t sleep til after 2 am. I got a nug from my cousin. Smoking a little weed only is giving me motivation to get out of bed and do something. But the throb behind my eyes and the shooting pain at the back of my head is still there. Drank tea. I’m sipping on water as I’m sitting outside on the patio. Watching the sun peeking through the high trees canopying my aunt’s backyard. There’s a cool breeze. I can hear the constant buzzing of the traffic you get used to living on a busy city street. The other day I was out front smoking a cigarette and there was a strange moment where the street had no traffic. I found the odd moment of silence so strange but very calming. No moving cars. No people talking. No dogs barking. Nothing. Just quiet wind. It didn’t last long but it felt good.

Feeling a little better. I’m gonna try to make breakfast for everyone. 

Made it a whole week before another panic attack.

I think I had another panic attack earlier. Since before noon this is the first time I’m feeling somewhat calm. I smoked whatever dust (weed dust) I had left with my one hitter. Smoked a cigarette from the pack my cousin’s girlfriend bought after the wedding. Swigged some wine from a coffee mug. I’m currently sitting on my bed, legs criss -cross over one another. My pitbull and my aunt’s two dogs curled up nearby. Today’s Days of our Lives is playing as background noise from my tablet as I’m thumb-typing my feelings into my IPhone. 

* * * *

…my happy place was just interrupted by my cousin, The Cop, dropping in to pay my mom for a job she did sewing him some sofa covers. I was awkward I’m sure. But I’m ok. Feeling much better. I watched a documentary the other day on Hulu about a pro surfer who had bipolar disorder. A doctor who has bipolar himself said something that really stuck with me. He said that he realized that a big part of dealing with being bipolar is “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

I traded in my usually coffee for a chamomile/seven blossom/Passion flower tea. My mother and aunts swear by this concoction to calm one’s nerves.

I thought about whether I should mention this recent attack to my mother. Why make her worry? I’m ok now and it’s been documented so I can keep track of how often and maybe figure out a pattern.

Here I go again…

Haven’t been able to sleep before 3:30 am this whole week. Sometimes later. I’m extra groggy today, a little irritable. It’s been almost a week since I started this medication. I’ve had a headache all morning. Feeling low. I don’t know if it’s the pills since I’ve been ok all week. Except for that panic attack last week on the way to Six Flags. Gonna see if I can get my sister to bring the kids over. I can use the distraction. On the verge of tears again, for no reason. A news report about a kid with blood cancer earlier almost made me cry.

An acquaintance offered me an interview at his job. Seems like easy work but I would be working just enough hours to barely miss full time employment status so no health insurance. Considering I’m about to start therapy every week again and the pills I’m on are $150 a bottle that’s a cause for concern. Sucks because I want to work. I’m bored and tired of being broke all the time.

Walk of shame

Walking home at 10 in the morning. Still drunk. Still wired. looked like shit, probably smelled worse. Fighting tears pooling in my eyes. Holding the DC Superhero Girls birthday balloon my niece gave me. I just felt so empty. I feel so empty. My life is having less and less meaning and it’s beginning to scare me how unconcerned I am with my personal well being. Am I subconsciously hoping something else will do the job I know I never can. Even the possibility of nothingness doesn’t scare me like it used to. I just want to stop feeling like this. No worries tho. I could never do that to my family. My mother would never get over the guilt and I would never put my sister in a situation where she would have to explain to her kids why tio isn’t around anymore. If only I could give some of the love I have for my family to myself.

Maybe I should try therapy again. Taking my meds every now and then may be a good idea.

Sucking off while SNESing

I didn’t get the job. Been pretty down about it. I don’t know why I was so excited. What the fuck was I going to do working in a church as the administrative assistant. To a priest no less.

I’d be living some kind of a life. That’s what I would have been doing.

Been over doing it a bit these last few days. Popping pills like candy. All my own prescriptions of course. Partying with my drug buddy in crime. Rolled out of bed sometime after 5pm after sleeping one off. The Metalhead greeted me with his usual Friday evening message. He wanted to make sure I knew he was home from work, alone and beating off. Even sent a pic in case I needed further persuading. He suggested I come over and help him out while he plays Super Nintendo. If I had just a little more motivation in my I’d be over there right now between his knees.

Haven’t had motivation for much lately. My cousin’s girlfriend invited me for some wine and whine yesterday but I ended up just taking a long hot shower and knocking out. I was also supposed to be partying but I just didn’t feel like dealing with anyone.

So I took my buddy up on his offer to partake in the end of his night with him when I woke up early this morning. His “night” ended at noon.